I was chatting with one my girlfriends today and she mentioned how some male marketer told her that she’s a piece of junk and no one serious would ever want to work with her.

My friend has done amazing work and has worked with super successful people. She built her…

When I first started creating my podcast, I was always looking for other Asian hosted podcasts to listen to and to be honest, it was not easy to find on Google. Even on iTunes there were only a handful of Asian hosted podcasts.

So in honor of International Podcast Day and Asian people from all over the world, I decided to create the ultimate list of Asian hosted podcasts to listen to since if I’m looking for this kind of info, then someone else out there is looking for it as well.


I just finished an interview with a woman on my podcast who decided to quit her successful corporate job to become an entrepreneur.

So when I asked her how she wanted to be introduced in her episode, I asked if “successful corporate marketer turned successful entrepreneur” would work for her.

Sheena Yap Chan

I run a podcast called The Tao Of Self Confidence.

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